“Industrial Performances”: a new plan of support to the aeronautical sector launched by GIFAS

23 million euros will fund this plan that will take place between 2014 and 2017 which concerns about 400 SMEs and 65 principals of the sector. The major principals and GIFAS will contribute with 15 million euros while 8 will be supported by the State and twelve regions. “This plan is part of the continuation of the actions already set up such as the launch of the Boost Aero portal, and internal commitments regarding payment terms, visibility on order book and the launch of dedicated funds Aerofund I, II and III” explains Marwan Lahoud, president of GIFAS. “This plan has to make relations between the principals and the suppliers easier and improve their performances in terms of period, delivery, quality, training and job development including work conditions”. In addition to audit and training actions, new state-of-the-art computer tools will be made available to the companies which request them. This plan aims to make French SMEs more competitive by reducing in particular, cost of poor quality and delivery delays.
Source: Les Echos 16/10/13

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